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Quality policy

Our commitment

•Provide our customers with quality products and service which will meet their requirements and needs.
• Work towards constant improvement of our products, in order to increase customer satisfaction.
• Maintain and develop a favourable working climate to realize our objectives.

Our objectives

• Put all in use to conserve our actual customers.
• Develop the world market by solidifying and improving our bases in Canada and in the United States.
• Favor and encourage our employees to develop new working methods in order to improve product quality and profitability.

Our Quality Level

We have been audited and certified LEVEL 2 of the Q+ program from UTC (United Technologie Corporation) world wide quality program.
LEVEL 2 means ISO-9002 1994 standard.

Our Quality System
We undertake to establish and maintain a documented quality system put in place in order to respect its own quality policy. This quality system allows to insure that the product produced is in conformity with the specific demands

This quality system takes into account the following points, if necessary, to satisfy the customer’s demands:

• the preparation of quality plans;
• the identification and acquisition of any controls, processes, equipment (including inspection and test equipment), fixtures, resources and skills that may be needed to achieve the required quality;
• ensuring the compatibility of the production process, installation, servicing, inspection and test procedures and the applicable documentation;
• the updating, as necessary, of quality control, inspection and testing techniques, including the developing of new instrumentations;
• the identification of any measurement requirement involving capability that exceeds the known state of the art, in sufficient time for the needed capability to be developed;
• the identification of suitable verification at appropriate stages in the realization of product;
• the clarification of standards of acceptability for all features and requirements, including those which contain a subjective element;
• the identification and preparation of quality-related records.

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