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SF500 "LU/LA"

Global Tardif is proud to introduce the Unique GT SoftRideMC (Machine-Room-Less Lift System) SF500™ series. A Pure Gearless Performance residential, commercial or LU/LA elevator.

The SF500™ series are Passenger elevators look alike. The SF500 LU/LA™ types are a fully enclosed sliding doors commercial elevator.

The GT SoftRideMC elevator is the best Logical, Economical and Environmental Friendly solution where hydraulics or chain drive systems have been traditionally used. This streamlined advanced designed elevator system features an exceptional performance and reliability.

The SF500™ series are amazingly quiet , virtually noiseless with very low power consumption. Our products use an Energy Efficient ACVVVF Permanent Magnet Gearless machine combined with a PLC programmable Control: the GT-Tektronik SRX 500™.

The GT SoftRideMC products incorporates the future generation of elevator Technology and Design. It gives the smoothest & quietest drive available on the overall commercial and residential elevator market.

Key features

• 7'-0" (2134 mm) High Cab
• Pit Depth of 15" (381 mm)
• 220V, 1 phase, 50 or 60Hz
• GT-Tektronik SRX 500™ Control
• Two-Speed Door Operator
• Car Top Inspection Station
• Single Automatic Operation
• Tape Reader Leveling System
• Emergency Alarm and Stop Buttons
• Emergency Cab Lighting
• Hands Free Phone
• Pad Hooks
• Digital Position Indicator

Standard cab features

• Stainless Steel #4 modular CAB shell wall reveals and bases
• Plastic Laminated Panels (Color Selection as per our
  Standard GT Color Chart
• Solid Plastic Laminated Ceiling With 2 Pot Lights
• Stainless Steel # 4 Cab Front Return, Strike Column &
   Car Doors
• Stainless Steel # 4 Handrails
• Stainless Steel # 4 Control Panel with Braille Tactile Plates
• Led Illuminated Car Direction Indicator

Standard GT EZ-Entrances™

• Passenger Type
• 1 ½ Hr UL/ ULC Fire Rated Entrances Assembly
• Sill Mounted Spring Door Closers
• Bolted Frame - Three Pieces Knock Down
• Square Profile Design - 2'' Jamb & Head Jamb Face
• Stainless Steel # 4 Door Finish
• Aluminum Sills
• Braille Jamb Plate (Stick-on Type)


• Emergency Battery Power Backup System for
  Powered Lowering and Door Operation in the Event of
  a Building Power Failure
• Optional Speed ( SF500R)
• Reduced Pit
• GT-EchoCab - Modular Stainless Steel #4 Framing with:
- Melamine Panels (SF500C & SF500R)
- Plastic Laminated Panels (SF500 LU/LA, SF500C, SF500R)
• Custom Wood Interior Finishes
• Custom Stainless or Bronze Finishes
• Custom Size, Custom Design, Architectural Cab Interior
• Glass Cab & Glass Doors
• Protective Pads



• Energy Saving Up to 60% vs Conventional
  Hydraulic Lifts
• Low Power Consumption
• High Efficiency PM Motor Technology


• Gearless Traction Elevator Performance
• Extremely Smooth Ride
• Quiet, Virtually Noiseless Operation


• Environmentally Friendly
• No Hydraulic Oil - Zero Spill Risk
• No Hot Oil Smell


• Recover Machine Room Space
• Flexible Layout


• Proven Reliability
• Universally Maintainable Design
• Standard Commercial Components


• Heavy Duty Manufactured
• Upgraded Cab - Standard
• 1-Year Warranty

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 • Planning Guide & drawings

 • Brochure

 • Specifications
    SF500R:     (Pdf)     (Word)
    SF500C:     (Pdf)     (Word)
    SF500LULA: (Pdf)     (Word)

 • Cab Weight Chart

 • Melamines (Standard)

 • Plastic Laminates (Option)

 • Entrance Colors

 • 1 Year Warranty

 • Request for proposal
    (PDF)    (MS Excel)
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