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We are pleased to present two lines of products; the traditional hydraulic systems and our new generation,petit logo GTSoftRide.
The new line of products utilizes the same drive technology found in high-rise building applications but at a fraction of the cost.
Global Tardif is the first manufacturer in North America to offer this type of “gearless technology” for the Accessibility market.
Truly a “near silent” system with unsurpassed smooth riding features and significant energy savings over conventional applications.

Bouton_logo The GT SoftRide utilizes PM gearless AC synchronous machine technology found in high rise building elevators. Power savings up to 60% vs traditional hydraulic elevator.
  • Energy Saving Benefits
  • "Commercial" Ride Quality for "Residential"
     Home Use
  • Smoothest Start & Stop in the Industry
  • Quiet Operation
  • Environmentally Friendly

Residential Elevators :
   SoftRide SF100R
   SoftRide SF500R

Commercial Elevators :
   SoftRide SF500

Commercial Elevators "LU/LA" :
   SoftRide SF500 "LU/LA"


Traditional roped and direct acting hydraulic systems have been used for home and small commercial lift applications for many years here at Global Tardif.

Residential Platform Lifts :
GT SmartLift

Commercial Platform Lifts :
GT SmartLift

Residential Elevators :

Commercial Elevators :

LU/LA Elevators :
GT500 "LU/LA"


Residential Dumbwaiters
GT EzWaiter

Commercial Dumbwaiters
GT Master Waiter

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