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Benefits of the MRL Technology
(Machine Room Less)

Energy savings

The GT SoftRideMC utilizes Permanent Magnet AC gearless machine technology. Typically a power factor of “1” means that 100% of the electrical energy to the machine is converted and output as mechanical energy. Highly efficient Permanent Magnet machines use rare earth magnets to generate magnetic field flux, so no external power is consumed by field windings. What this means to you is the GT SoftRideMC provides power savings of almost 60% over traditional hydraulic elevators or power savings of over 25% when compared to traditional geared traction elevator applications.

Environmentally Friendly

Since the GT SoftRideMC system uses no hydraulic oil, there is zero risk of an oil spill causing environmental contamination and potential cleanup liability. system uses no hydraulic oil, there is zero risk of an oil spill causing environmental contamination and potential cleanup liability.

Superior Ride Quality

The GT SoftRideMC elevator is a gearless system which is widely recognized in the elevating community for providing the smoothest, quietest ride with the best overall motion control. Ride comfort and performance of a GT SoftRideMC are superior to that of typical hydraulic elevators.

Reduced maintenance

Since the GT SoftRideMC system has no gearbox, mechanical devices are simplified and maintenance virtually eliminated. Naturally, we still recommend a systematic maintenance program for peace of mind and added safety.

Silent and Odor-Free

Unlike hydraulic systems using pressurized hydraulic fluid, a pump reservoir, and liquid control valve, GT SoftRideMC systems are elegant in their simplicity. The MRL PM gearless machine is all but noiseless and produces no hot hydraulic oil odor.

Reduced construction costs

The GT SoftRideMC system incorporates a small control closet which replaces the traditional machine room. Placed inside the insulated building envelope, the control system closet requires no HVAC.
Reactive structural loads for a GT SoftRideMC elevator system are conveyed through the guide rails to the pit floor and through the hoistway wall. Unlike traditional traction elevator systems, no special building construction or expensive additional structural elements are required.

Superior structural and aesthetic design

Even the most basic GT SoftRideMC package includes an upgraded elevator cab and upgraded fixtures. Options to customize include panoramic elevator cabs; stone, stamped exotic metals , custom wood paneling, matched wood panels, glass wall panels, and countless other upgrades that provide a unique and prestigious identity for buildings that stand out from the ordinary.

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