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GT Master WaiterTM

The GT Master WaiterTM is the perfect choice to satisfy all your needs for your commercial, industrial, or institutional dumbwaiter requirements.

Public dumbwaiter

Capacity: 100 to 595 lbs. (45.5 to 270 kg)
Speed: 50 ft/min (0,25 m/s)

Master Waiter elevator

GT EzWaiterTM

Designed specifically to improve the quality of life at home, the GT EzWaiterTM quickly carries groceries, laundry and firewood as well as any other heavy load you wish to eliminate from your daily routine with ease and simplicity for pennies a day.

Residential dumbwaiter

Capacity: 100 lbs. (45 kg)
Speed: 35 ft/min (0,175 m/s)

EzWaiter elevator
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