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GT SmartLift HRTM
This unit is preferred for residential and public buildings when wheelchair access is required between 2 floor levels in the building. It is ideal for all persons with various mobility difficulties. In public buildings, it is the lift of choice in foyers of churches, banks, restaurants etc.

This commercial unit is specially engineered and designed to facilitate access for people with physical disabilities up to 6 floors with a travel of 50 feet.

This residential unit is ideal when an elevator is desired for the convenience of accessing several levels of your home. It is appropriate for all persons of all ages and for those who require mobility assistance.

GT 500TM & GT 500RTM&
GT 500 LU/LA
The 500 Series can be used for both residential and public buildings. In public applications requiring capacities up to 1400 lbs, it is available in a wide variety of opening configurations.

The GT PERLA™ is the right choice for home, building owners, or architects, looking for an architectural, Luxury, heavy duty constructed fully automated residential lift.
It is provided with Automatic 3 Speed Sliding Doors !

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