The GT MRL ECHO LE-XT model is the most economical and intelligent alternative to traditional hydraulic elevator systems.

The ECHO LE-XT machine-room-less solution eliminates the inherent risk of hydraulic elevator oil spills and cleanup because the system uses no hydraulic oil or cylinder. Instead, an efficient gearless permanent magnet motor smoothly and silently moves the elevator.

MRL construction is simplified since hole boring into unseen underground soil is not required. Instead, predictable cycle time and cost results in on-time construction and delivery of a superior elevator system.

ECHO LE-XT is one of a complete line of MRL elevator packages manufactured for low-rise buildings by Global-Tardif.

Since 1984, Global-Tardif has earned a top reputation as a manufacturer of field proven, innovative products for the elevator industry. The company has grown to become one of the largest independent manufacturers of elevators in North America.

GT VisionLift MRL packages are engineered to satisfy the exacting standards of the largest elevator companies in the world. Manufacturing elevator system packages for multinational OEM customers is where GT built their reputation for top quality equipment and technical expertise.

Unparalleled support for GT MRL elevators is provided to and through independent Contractor members who install and maintain GT Non-Proprietary MRL equipment through affiliation with the GT MRL Network.

 GT-Synchron Hoisting Machine
 • Compact Gearless Machine
 • Energy Cost Saving from 25% to 60%    (Compared to geared or hydraulic    systems)
 • Virtually Noiseless Operation
 • Low Heat Dissipation
 • Reduced Maintenance

• Energy Saving Up to 60% vs hydraulic
• Very Low Power Consumption
• High Efficiency PM Motor Technology

• Gearless Traction Elevator Performance
• Surprisingly Smooth Ride
• Quiet, Virtually Noiseless Operation

• Environmentally Friendly
• No Hydraulic Oil - Zero Spill Risk
• No Hot Oil Smell

• Recover Machine Room Space
• Flexible Layout

• Proven Reliability
• Universally Maintainable Design
• Standard Commercial Components

• Low-Rise Applications
• Upgraded Cab Standard

  Additionnal information

 • Technical guide and drawings

 • Brochure

 • Specifications
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 • 1 year warranty

 • Request for pricing
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 Outstanding cab design