GT VisionLift MRL

Machine room less (MRL) technology stands to bring rapid change to the elevator industry. Times of change bring opportunity and the potential for tapping new markets, serving new customers, and discovery of more profitable methods and processes.

The GT MRL has been established to create an independent contractor-based cooperative bringing non-proprietary third party MRL equipment to the market for mutual benefit.

Unified North American branding, promotion, installation best practices and technical product development resources will create new opportunities for those who share a common vision. This vision is one of a network of qualified elevator contractors whose core values include innovation, cooperation, speed, organizational agility and profitability through information sharing, mutual support and high standards for professionalism.

  • Reduced costs
  • Mutually supportive cooperative
  • National credibility
  • Emerging best practices
  • Improved profitability

Any size,  any shape... We can go up to 10 000 lbs ! Please contact us to customize your project !


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